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Kylyshmuratova Meruert held a methodical day on the topic “STEM – the concept of a new trend in education”.

The development of professional competence of teachers is an intensive process of their perception and assimilation of new innovations, which leads to continuous improvement, development and improvement of their knowledge through professional experience. For this purpose, among the teachers of the college there was a methodical day on the topic “STEM – the concept of a new trend in education”, organized by the teacher of practical physics, a young specialist Kylyshmuratova Meruert. STEM is an integrated approach to learning, within which academic scientific and technical conclusions are studied in the text of real life essence. Meruert Zhanabilovna noted that the purpose of this approach is to create a stable connection between school, society, work and the whole world, which contributes to the development of STEM literacy and competitiveness in the global economy. From this methodical day, teachers of the college got acquainted with tasks on platforms such as Quizlet, Bouncy Balls, Jamboard, wooclap, etc., which can be used in the brainstorming, reflection, feedback, reflection sections. These platforms not only stimulate students ‘ interest in classes, but also teach them to listen to each other, to work in groups, to cooperate. Colleagues expressed their gratitude to Meruert Zhanabilovna, a young specialist who is young and has a strong mindset for creative work.